Civic Design Conference


Urban development instead of housing development?

The second international Civic Design Conference took place at the Peter Behrens School of Arts, HSD, on 7 November 2019. The conference focused on the current state of housing production. Questions raised at the event include: Does the present large-scale, quantity-driven production make an effective contribution to the creation of mixed-use, inclusive and complex urban neighborhoods? What strategies are necessary to avoid mono-functional “bedroom” settlements? How to encourage new urban neighborhoods which will build on and enhance the qualities of the existing city? What are the parameters of the “New European City”?

Keynote speakers included Kees Christiaanse (KCAP), Andreas Ruby (Swiss Architecture Museum), Paola Viganò (Studio Paola Viganò), Jörn Walter (former Hamburg building director) and Peter Mörtenböck (TU Wien).

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